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Learn Data Science

Our 5-day bootcamp curriculum teaches professionals how to extract actionable insights from data. Sign up now to join the data revolution. Learn More

What Data Science Dojo Has To Offer

We created the best rated week-long data science bootcamp by prioritizing flexibility, industry standards, social learning and hands-on interactivity. So you can Learn as you Grow.


We take our in-person tested content and convert it into videos to watch anywhere. Lectures, tutorials, community discussions, and more!


Carefully designed coding excercizes take you through the learning, hands-on. Experiment with real data sets and industry scenarios!


Practice skills in the real world by participating in Kaggle competitions! Find help on a topic or just network with your classmates.

Bootcamp Reviews

  • 4.9 on Course Report
    4.9 on SwitchUp
    & Best Bootcamp 2017

    At Data Science Dojo, we’re all about shifting the paradigm of data science learning. We started by confronting bootcamps that take weeks or months, and designed short-duration, in-person, hands-on data science training that will get you started with practical data science in just one week. We have taught courses in 12 countries, to more than 3600 attendees from more than 800 companies. But don’t take our word for it: see how we earned some of the best reviews of any technical bootcamp.

    Dozens Of Topics
    Endless Possibilities

  • TOOLS: R, Python


  • TECHNIQUES: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Analytics, Predictive Models, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Regression, Web Scraping, & More!

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